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Milestone Development Services is a consulting company dedicated to connecting industry needs with innovative technologies and solutions.

Dr. Mike Lee, President of Milestone Development Services, has actively participated in the growth of new technologies and their integration into drug development.

CPSA Review
Review past CPSA programs

CPSA Metabolomics 2017
University of Florida
Gainsville, Florida

CPSA Shanghai 2017
Shanghai, China
Clinical and Pharmaceutical Success from Discovery to Regulatory Approval: Biomarkers, Modeling, and Analytical Technologies

CPSA Analytics 2017
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

São Paulo, Brazil
Sanitary Regulation as a Strategy for the Development of Products and Services in the Pharmaceutical Chain/p>

Langhorne, PA
Enabling Personalized Medicine: Connecting People, Disciplines and Technology

By author by Mike S. Lee

Protein Analysis using Mass Spectrometry: Accelerating Protein Biotherapeutics from Lab to Patient
Published June 2017
This book brings together the most current advances in the mass spectrometry technology and related method in protein analysis. It covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects of Mass Spectrometry protein analysis in drug discovery. Principles, Instrumentation, Technologies topics include MS of peptides, proteins, and ADCs , instrumentation in protein analysis, nanospray technology in MS protein analysis, and automation in MS protein analysis.

Oral Bioavailability Assessment: Basics and Strategies for Drug Discovery and Development
Published May 2017
Specifically geared to personnel in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, this book describes the basics and challenges of oral bioavailability – one of the most significant hurdles in drug discovery and development.

Dried Blood Spots
Published May 2014
Dried Blood Spots features contributions from an international team of leading scientists in the field. Their contributions present a unique resource on the history, principles, procedures, methodologies, applications, and emerging technologies related to DBS.

Mass Spectrometry Handbook
Published April 2012
This unique reference provides an extensive library of methods used in mass spectrometry, covering applications of mass spectrometry in fields as diverse as drug discovery, environmental science, forensic science, clinical analysis, homeland security and more.

Mass Spectrometry in Drug Metabolism and Disposition:
Basic Principles and Applications

Published March 2011
This book examines the background, industrial context, process, analytical methodology, and technology of metabolite identification. It emphasizes the applications of metabolite identification in drug research. While primarily a textbook, the book also functions as a comprehensive reference to those in the industry.

Characterization of Impurities and Degradants Using Mass Spectrometry
Published June 2011
Both general practitioners in pharmaceutical research and specialists in analytical chemistry field will benefit from this book that will detail step-by-step approaches and new strategies to solve challenging problems related to pharmaceutical research.

Integrated Strategies for Drug Discovery Using Mass Spectrometry
Published June 2005
This book provides a thorough and unique review of current analytical approaches, industry practices, and strategies in drug discovery.

LC/MS Applications in Drug Development
Published March 2002
This book is the first to describe LC/MS applications within the context of drug development: discovery, preclinical, clinical, and manufacturing.

CPSA Europe 2018

March 19-21, 2018
The Cambridge Belfry Hotel
Cambridge, U.K.

Program Chairs
Neil Spooner, Spoonser Bioanalytical Solutions
Ismael Zamora, Molecular Discovery

Plenary Speaker
Axel Pähler, Roche

CPSA Europe 2018 features:

  • Pre-conference Workshops
  • Plenary Lectures
  • Symposia Sessions and Roundtables
  • Sponsors Participation
  • Sponsored Workshops and Social Events

CPSA Europe
Where Technology and Solutions Meet

CPSA Metabolomics 2018

March 19-21, 2018
The Univeristy of Florida Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Gainesville, FL USA

Program Chair
Timothy Garrett, University of Florida

CPSA Metabolomics 2018 features:

  • Plenary Lectures
  • Symposia Sessions and Roundtables
    • Clinical Applications and Workflows
    • Crossover Technologies and Methods from Proteomics
    • Biomarker Discovery/li>
    • Informatics and Multiple/Patterned Data Sets
    • Analytical Platforms
    • Sample Preparation and Chemistries
    • Novel Multianalyte Quantitation Approaches
  • Vendor Session
  • Poster Session
  • Sponsored Workshops
    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Quantitation
    • Graduate Student Focus on Career Development
      • Job Skills - Resume, Interview Process, Presentation
      • Career Options - Pharma, Biotech, Clinical, Start-Up

CPSA Metabolomics
Where Technology and Solutions Meet. Where Discovery Meets the Clinic.

CPSA Shanghai 2018

New Horizons in Drug Discovery and Development:
Bioanalysis, Biomarkers and ADME

April 18-20, 2018
Renaissance Pudong Shanghai Hotel
Shanghai, China

Program Chair
Cornelis Hop, Genentech

CPSA Shanghai 2018 features:

  • Plenary Lecturers
  • Symposia Sessions and Roundtables
  • Workshops
    • ADME Workshop
    • Regulated LC-MS Bioanalysis Workshop
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences Workshop

CPSA Shanghai 2018 will also feature:

  • Sponsors Reception
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Young Scientist Excellence Awards
  • Innovator Awards
  • Poster Session
  • Exposition
  • Sponsored Lunch & Learn Workshops
  • CPSA Shanghai Social Evening

CPSA Shanghai
Where Technology and Solutions Meet. Where East Meets West.

CPSA Analytics 2018

May 2018

CPSA Analytics 2018 features:

  • Plenary Lectures
  • Symposia Sessions and Roundtables
    • Clinical Applications and Workflows
    • Crossover Technologies and Methods from Proteomics
    • Biomarker Discovery
    • Informatics and Multiple/Patterned Data Sets
    • Analytical Platforms
    • Sample Preparation and Chemistries

CPSA Analytics
Where Technology and Personalized Healthcare Meet.


August 13-16, 2018
Club Transatlântico
São Paolo, Brazil

Program Chair
Thiago Guia, Bionovis

CPSA BRASIL 2018 features:

  • Plenary Lectures
  • Symposia Sessions and Roundtables
    • Challenges and Opportunities Faced in BA/BE Studies
    • Biomarker and Clinical Analysis
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Protein Quantitation
    • Drug Discovery and DMPK

Where Technology and Solutions Meet. Where Together We Progress.


United to Beat Disease: Partners in Healthcare, Partners in Science, Partners in Technology and Innovation

October 15 - 18, 2018
Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
Langhorne, PA USA

2018 Program Chair
Alla Kloss, Sanofi

CPSA 2018 features:

  • Workshop-Style Short Courses
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Plenary & Keynote Lectures
  • Symposia & Roundtables
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops
  • Vendor Exhibition
  • Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award
  • Vendor Session - "5 Minutes of Fame"

Workshop-Style Short Courses
Courses focus on specialized training and current industry practices and preferences.

The CPSA symposia and roundtables are industry-led events dedicated to education.

Where Technology and Solutions Meet